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Conventions and Incentives New Zealand
Conventions and Incentives New Zealand

New Zealand Incentive Travel

New Zealand is the ultimate incentive travel destination, with world-class travel and accommodation infrastructure, unique natural attractions and activities, fine wines and cuisine, spas, shopping and nightlife – the list is endless.

What is an incentive?
Incentives are now a multi-billion dollar industry and one of the world’s fastest-growing systems of corporate and other rewards. Incentives are used by countless organisations to inspire and encourage achievement by consumers, distributors, salespeople, and other employees. For sheer psychological motivation, travel is at the top of the list; it’s one of the most effective ways to reward great performers and encourage others to achieve ‘greatness’.

Participants will return from their New Zealand incentive travel experience re-invigorated, with precious, often life-changing memories.

What can New Zealand offer?
New Zealand constantly rates as one of the world’s most desirable destinations for business travel and pleasure. The islands of New Zealand are an incentive traveller’s destination, with world class travel and accommodation infrastructure, that includes as much luxury as any incentive traveller could ever want. This is coupled with unique natural attractions and activities that make New Zealand a talking point around the globe.

With more than 400 courses nationwide, New Zealand is a golfer’s paradise; with the bonus that golf here is frequently set against breath taking panoramas of snow-capped mountains, lakes, forests and seascapes.

Food and Wine
Devotees of food and wine will find New Zealand to be a gourmet heaven, with plentiful fine restaurants and cafes, tasting trails and vineyard venues set in stunning natural surroundings. New Zealand’s distinctive, cool-climate white wines, notably Sauvignon blanc, are acclaimed worldwide. The country is also fast developing a reputation for its red wines, especially Pinot Noir.

Spa Treatments
One of the pleasurable legacies of New Zealand’s location on the Pacific “Rim of Fire”, are plentiful natural hot pools, whose therapeutic and healing qualities form the basis of a well-established spa industry. Spa treatments in New Zealand, like those overseas, have also evolved into havens that offer a wide array of relaxation and beauty treatments, including reflexology and massage.

Cruise Ship Destination
The resurgence in the popularity of cruising has seen New Zealand emerge as a popular destination on the world cruising circuit. In addition to the romantic South Pacific voyages, incentive travel buyers can also enjoy a wide range of local and regional cruises with full ship, half ship, and group options offering experiences similar to a hotel or resort experience, with only one lot of unpacking!

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